Aphrodite Marble Photo Gallery


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1. Raw Stone For Sale

2. What Does It Look Like Polished?

3.  Aphrodite As Found




Many fine stones available.  Only a few shown in gallery below.  Softball size to Volkswagen.   Many with suggestive shapes.   Sawn boulders and slabs also available.


Aphrodite boulder

no fossils - good solid stone

Aphrodite boulder

classic Aphrodite - fossils

Aphrodite boulder

no fossils - solid stone

Aphrodite boulder

Creamy pink - super stone

Aphrodite boulders - small

note suggestive shapes

Aphrodite Boulder

natural sculpture

Small Aphrodite Boulders

smaller stones

Aphrodite Aphrodite

boulder in front of Wrangell, Ak. museum, now polished

Aphrodite Boulder

300 lbs. approx.

Aphrodite boulder

300 lbs. approx.

view two

Aphrodite Small boulder

Large Sawn Aphrodite Marble Slab

8' 8" long, 44" wide, 2" thick

three slabs available of this size.

very beautiful stone for very large tables

Large Slab for table, bench,...

46"x37"x2.5" - view 1

note fossils one half,

"topographic" other half


Aphrodite Slab

view 2




Aphrodite Aphrodite

red, green, and

yellow fossils

Nothing Like It

Aphrodite Aphrodite

classic Aphrodite - red, green and yellow fossils in creamy-pink background

Aphrodite Aphrodite

sometimes she's big hearted - pelecopod (clam) fossils shaped like valentine hearts.

Aphrodite Aphrodite

multicolored fossils - red, yellow and green

this fossil 4.5 x 3 inches

Royal Aphrodite

with bright reds and swirling fossils

Golden Aphrodite

gold, red, green and grey - warm colors, stromatolite swirls

Golden Aphrodite

gold, red, and green - with grey stromatolites and pink stylolites

Bare Aphrodite

attractive lines

soft, muted colors

Almost Bare Aphrodite

One fossil snail

soft creamy pink with stylolites


with breccia filled fault fracture


For photos of finished stone, see Fine Art - Sculpture, Functional Art, Garden Art, and Engraved Signs and Memorials.  For prices and availability, see Price List.





Aphrodite as found

First discovery

Loose boulders in the duff

Location:  This marble comes from Tuxekan Island, Alaska.  About half the size of an average American county, Tuxekan Island is one of the thousand or so islands that comprise the Alexander Archipelago, the island chain that lies off southeast Alaska's panhandle.  Tuxekan Island has no human population.  Bears are numerous.  Aphrodite Marble is accessible only by boat.  A landing craft is used to transport equipment to Tuxekan Island.  A barge carries quarried stone from the island.  The marble deposit is within the Tongass National Forest and is worked under U.S. Forest Service guidelines.