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We, of Stone Arts of Alaska, are constantly prospecting for lapidary stone.  We sell both raw stone and products made from the stone we find.  First the stone, then the products.


Lapidary Stone

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Stone Arts of Alaska is the primary source of all the lapidary stone we sell.  In most cases, the locations are known only to us.  Fairer to both seller and buyer, we only sell this material by the slab.  $100.00 minimum order. 

Coronation Marble.  Coronation Island.  A very unusual orange color.  $25 slab.

Alligator Stone. Crinoid Fossils in Dark Limestone.  New 2006.  A very whimsical stone.  The crinoids look like faces or other objects of the imagination.  $30

Snow Flake Fossil Coral.  Looks like snow flake obsibian. White circles in black matrix. $30.

Eudialyte.  Prince of Wales Island.  Has many presentations - sometimes in white feldspar, sometimes with black amphibole minerals, from hot pink to blood red.  $10 to $100.

Green Quartz.  Admiralty Island.  Due to fractures, only small cabs possible. 

Hexagonaria Fossil Coral.  aka "honeycomb" fossil coral.  Prince of Wales Island.  Distinctive patterning.  Good for large cabs - for belt buckles, bolas, knife handles.  Most grey with black patterning, some rare white with black patterning.  $25 to $100. 

Malachite.  Prince of Wales Island,  Brown matrix.  May need hardening.  No longer available. 

Azurite.  Prince of Wales Island.  Usually in a brown matrix.  Sometimes accompanied by chrysocolla or malachite.  No longer available.  

Chrysocolla.  Prince of Wales Island.  Often with malachite.  Soft stone - needs to be impregnated with a hardener.  No longer available.

Orange Calcite.  Prince of Wales Island.  Bright orange in a black matrix.  No longer available.

PiemontiteNew 2006. Prince of Wales Island.  Purple with white streaking.  Rare mineral - manganese epidote.  $30.

Prince of Wales Polka-Dot.  New 2006.  Little balls of hemitite in white matrix.  Great new stone.  $25

Red Jasper.  Kupreanof Island.  Bright red. Usually accompanied by other colors, often green and yellow.  $25.

Agate.  Kupreanof Island.  Bluish-grey banding.  No longer available.

Blue Jasper.  Conclusion Island.  Very hard.  Takes brilliant shine.  No longer available.

Rhodonite.  Prince of Wales.  Bright pink, with black manganese dendrites.  No longer available.  $25.

"Stingray" Fossil Coral.  aka "snakeskin" fossil coral, aka caviar fossil coral.  Kasaan Island.  Small patterned fossil coral, the best with high black-white contrast.  $10 - $75

Lemon Diopside.  Prince of Wales Island. color close to chartreuse. No longer available.

Aphrodite Marble. This marble can be well used in jewelry because of its mix or colors: reds, pinks, greens, yellows, golds, and creams.


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Lapidary Products

We make and sell free-form cabochons out of the stones we find.


We have the following made for us: pendants, belt buckles, spheres, and knives with stone handles. Note: only one sphere is shown. We have many.

collection of Pendants

Large collection of pendants

Belt Buckles -- Fossil Coral

Belt Buckle -- Fossil Coral

Belt Buckles -- Aphrodite Marble and Piedmontitie

Braclet -- Fossil Coral

Abu Creations

Pendant -- Fossil Coral

Abu Creations

Ring -- Stingray Fossil Coral

Placer Creations

Mixed Jewelry

Red Path Originals

Pendant and Ear Rings

Inner Light marble

Reflections in Stone

Pendant and Ear Ring Stones

Inner Light Marble

Stone Arts of Alaska

Mosaic Inlay

Stone Quilt Design

Sphere -- Jupiter Marble

see note below

Aphrodite Marble

Aphrodite Marble

Knife --Fossil Coral -- Sheath

Boyd Porter

Sheath Knife on Stand

Boyd Porter

Knife --Fossil Coral -- Sheath

by Boyd Porter

Knife Handles -- Fillet

Fossil Coral

San Creations

Knife -- Fossi Coral -- Folding

Buck 110 with replaced Grips



Note:  Many Spheres and Eggs have been made with our stone. Regrettably, we have only the photo of the Jupiter marble sphere above.


















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