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With sand-blasting technology, we can engrave sawn and polished Alaskan stones. Letters may be painted black, white, gold, other colors. 




Greenstone Sign with Karen


Prince of Wales Greenstone

35 x 17 x 2

wrought iron by Karen Martel

Greenstone Plaque

for Sealaska

Greenstone Dedication Stone

for Forest Service

and Nature Conservancy.

Greenstone Sign

44" x 30" x 10" (excluding marble base)

Engraved Poem

by Cecily Markham

Aphrodite Marble

Sandblast engraving by Shane Jewell

41 x 36 x 2

Aphrodite Marble Sign

31" x 17" x 2

Aphrodite Memorial Plaque

for Ak. Dept. of Fish and Game

engraved with small bronze nameplates

four made




Memorials - beautiful Alaskan stone, with precision sandblast engraving.  Stone Arts of Alaska has memorial stones in place from Dutch Harbor, Alaska to New York City. About twenty are on Prince of Wales Island. We have completed approximately fifty stones.

We recommend the Prince of Wales Greenstone for memorials because it is unaffected by weather. The lettering and polish will not deteriorate over time.

We also made stones out of Aphrodite Marble The marble makes a very beautiful memorial stone. Buyers should be informed that marble has a drawback. Water (rain) chemically etches it. Overtime, the polished surface will dull. Over decades of time, the lettering will become indistinct. We coat our stones with a commercial water retardant that considerable slows down this process, but will not stop it. 

We have made a few memorial stones out of Red Jasper Conglomerate. This stone is composed of many kinds or rocks. Ten or twenty percent of the rocks within are marble and those particular cobbles will lose their polish over time, while the rest will not. 


Note:  Some inscriptions intentionally blurred


Small Greenstone Memorial

inscription blurred

Greenstone Memorial

with photo and bronze plaque

Greenstone Memorial

with engraved fish

Greenstone Memorial

with small pool

inscription blurred

Greenstone Memorial

inscription blurred

Greenstone Memorial

with White Calder Marble

name blurred

Greenstone Memorial

with engraved native design

Greenstone Memorial

close-up native design

Greenstone Memorial Aviator

inscription blurred

Greenstone Memorial

Greenstone Memorial

on base

with photo and bronze plaque

Greenstone Memorial Stone

with butterfly

Halibut "Gone Fishing"

Matching Greenstone Memorials

inscriptions blurred

Greenstone Memorial

inscription blurred

Aphrodite Memorial

name blurred

Aphrodite Memorial

with art

Aphrodite Marble Memorial Stone

with engraved diver

Aphrodite Marble Memorial

with pool

in New York City

Aphrodite Memorial

name blurred

Aphrodite Marble Memorial

with engraved eagle

Conglomerate Memorial Bench

with bronze plaque

view 1

Conglomerate Memorial Bench

view 2

Conglomerate Memorial Stone

name blurred

Available Greenstone Memorial Stone

engraved $1200

Available very large

Greenstone for sign or memorial


very large Greenstone

second view.

Available Aphrodite Marble Memorial Stone

engraved $900



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