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It is likely that people worldwide have always appreciated the beauty of stones sculpted by wind, water, and other tools of nature's artistic hand.  In east Asia, this appreciation has been codified and formalized over the centuries.  In Japan "suiseki" might be considered the stone equivalent to "bonsai."  Oftentimes, the two are displayed together.  Suiseki has been culturally important in Japan since at least the 6th century.  In Medieval times, according to legend, the warlord Oda Nobunaga traded a fortified castle to a rival for a single stone display.  In China, where "viewing stones" or "scholar's rocks" or "Penjing" have been appreciated for over two thousand years, there are today museums dedicated specifically to the art.  In ever crowded, ever busy America, the placement of beautiful stones in the home and in the garden has become increasingly popular.  They hold nature close.  They are calming.  They are objects of contemplative or viewing pleasure.

Because of its geology, southeast Alaska has a wonderful abundance of naturally-carved stones.  Our stones may be big or small, appreciated inside or outside the home, displayed on bases or in trays, on tabletops, or in small gardens settings.  See our private collection and stones for sale in Bellingham.

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