Natural Sculpture - Suiseki - Viewing Stones Photo Gallery

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Note: The stones shown below are from our collection and are not for sale. We have hundred of fine pieces that are for sale. 

Note: We have a dedicated web album for our Natural Sculpture stones. Other stones are shown in addition to these. Information re sizes, geologic composition, and provenance may be found on the album.

Here, generally, the first stones shown are smaller "inside" pieces. The stones get bigger as you scroll down. The biggest stones are "outside" pieces.


Snowy Mountain with Stream

Mountain with Stream

on base

Mountain with Snow Field


Standing Man

on base


on base

the Boot

Japanese Cranes

Japanese Cranes

close up

Natural Sculpture


Greenstone tall stone

Pt. Saint Alban's Rock

Mesa Stone

Four Stones with Circles

Stone with African Painting

Jupiter Marble

on base

Jupiter Marble Stripes

Cat and Mouse

Grotesque Face


Natural sculpture

on forged iron base

Natural sculpture

on forged iron stand

Roman Toga

Morel Mushroom

on white marble base

Pagoda Stone

Eskimo Girl




Wavy Stone

Cannon Ball from the great Battle of Sitka?

no, a concretion

Liliputian Observatory

no, another concretion

Cathedral Rock

Colorful Legs