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Stone Arts of Alaska has been selling raw stone to sculptors since 1995. 

Click on the links below to learn more about our stone and to see photos of available raw material.  Click on Sculpture, Functional Art, and Garden Art to see finished examples of each stone.  Click on Price List to see prices and availability.  


A note on all Alaskan stone.  All the stone sold by Stone Arts of Alaska comes from the coastal area of southeast Alaska.  This area offers such a rich variety of beautiful stone because so many different geologic terranes have “docked’ onto the North American plate here. These different terranes carried completely different kinds of rocks. Additionally, the heat and pressure resulting from the collisions of tectonic plates often  infused rich colors and exotic patterns into the stone.   

But, for the sculptor, there is another side -  all this pushing and shoving of geologic plates caused considerable fracturing.   In most instances, the ancient cracks are "healed"- that is, they were solidly filled in, and glued, by minerals deposited over time by water passing through them.  Now, as attractive white, pink, yellow, gold, or brown "stylolites," they add another beautiful patterning to the stone.  When "healed," the stone retains full integrity.  If unhealed (do the fractures retain water?), the sculptor should anticipate using a thin penetrating glue.  Because of the possibility of unseen fractures, Alaskan stone should always be ground, not hammered or chipped.        

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